Wednesday, August 29, 2012

selamat kembali ke.....

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hello2..i think its been a long time for me not update my blog post..uhh yeahhh!! sure,almost 1 month my blog being ignored ..alololo,kciannye blog aku ni..bukan xnk update blog cme agak busy ckit la smnjak cuti sem ni..haha~ busy belajar masak..no3, eh korg bukan busy belajar msk sbb nk khwn ke ap but i'm fulfilling my father request..'ank prempuan kne tahu masak, esk khwn senang, laki nk mkn ap je semuany dh tau cm ne nk msk" typical dialog..haha..well, i hope that this is not to late for me to wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all blogger..maybe it sound like my wishing has been stale right?? why do i say so?? can u imagine, we have gone through 11days of Syawal...

but i wish it just now..for this year syawal, i think there is nothing new or interesting n just same like uncles n aunts keep on asking me with this question " ap cte?" i know they do really want to know if i already have someone special in my life..but the fact is how come for me to have someone special whilst i do not have a BF..i just want to be sincere toward them so I just give a simple answer which is "xde cte pape pn" HAHA..can u imagine how their face would be?? 

uhhh, I'm too speechless to describe it..the most worse thing is they were trying to match me with their son..for sure my grandpa will not allowed me to married with someone who have a blood ties with us.. i have to refused it n my answer is " xnk la dgn sedara sndri  ☺" ohh, there is another interested story i would like to share with all of u, the part that i would never be forget, one of my uncle ask me to come in front him n i was wondering on why he asking me to do that, but later on he ask me to choose one of his sons to be my partner..

uhhhh, I'm just able to make a weird face n I give a smile to him n answer " xnk la, diorg tu umr lg tua dri org la" (org refer to myself, I used to be 'org').. hmm,I started to think that may be they keep on asking me such question just because they already know that my elder sis will tie an engagement next year so they doesn't have any chance to bother my sis..haha..i'm sure that after my sister got engaged, i would be the next "victim" to them..

just let it be as long as i believe that Allah has arranged the best for let focus on what would be after this..August is almost to an end, n after is the time for me to stick with the usual schedule..ohh yeahhh, stick with the lecture schedule..welcome to the 1st sem of 2nd year najwa!! not forgotten to say welcome back to UTHM..start the life with a new spirit..may success with u! Ameen~ till now, see u later..

ohhh, let me share with u some of the hari raya picture of mine.. bye3..muchh ♥ ♥ 

me with lil sis
ayah speaking to adik kpd nenek

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