Wednesday, September 5, 2012

then...i should say good bye

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hello Batu Pahat, good bye Muar..seem like it was really early for me to say such words right??? but i just do not want to missed that moment whereby i forget to say that..well, 3 month semester holiday will come to an end soon and just for a few days left..FIY, i had do nothing within this 3 months holiday..all what i do is just learn, try n cook every new recipes..just fulfil my father request..but after this, no more nagging from him like i heard at home..well, i think i had to used those knowledge that i gained at home..ohh yeaahh! surely coz i'll be staying at the rent more hostel, cafeteria n so on..i had to depend 100% on myself..n for sure, i'll be staying in a new heart feel very calm tonight..the 3 months holiday that i've gone through really taught me so many things..the most things that i could never forget is i had small fighting with my lil sister n brother..or specifically saying that i had fighting with my sister too..we do not talk to each other almost mostly i spent my time alone..i choose to be with no one..sorry to anyone who are trying so hard to contact me since before the fasting month.. sorry to my lil 'mr.bee' too.. he had trying to contact me so many times but whenever when he trying to contact me, he never managed to talk with me..a sincere appreciation for maxis operator for never feel 'tired' working for me..hahaha...remembering this could make me laughing..but, other part of my heart feel like i was loss something..i had to leave my fat cute cat bam n a funny cat for me which is 'abang'..ouhh, before i forget my mum named the cat abang coz someone throw it so when it came to our house it came along with another cat mum guess n assume that the another cat was 'adik' to it..i do really love so much both of them! i'm gonna miss them! n i hope so that i can find the calmness for my mind when i was far from my sibling..i'm so tired with them..till there..good bye to all..



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