Sunday, November 24, 2013

selamat menempuh alam rumah tangga sis!

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hai all! is everything went well?? i hope, today my entry will be about my sister big day as in the previous entry i had already post about her e-day.. hmmm, i think it has been a long time i didn't post any entry on my blog since my last entry a few months ago.. so, i would like to 'steal' a lil bit my time to post this entry..uhukkkk3(see, smpai terbatuk2 sbb bnyak sngat habuk dh kt blog ni) ..firstly i would like to say a million thanks to those who are coming and for those who are not be able to come, it's ok and maybe u may come during my big-day turn...lalalalalalala...grrrrr, najwa! please behave! calon pn takdakkk! 

ok,i think most of u already have experience on helping someone preparing for their wedding right? it was a tiring moment but at the same time u can gained some knowledge on how hard or easy is it to be..u need to deal with sort of things from the simplest one until the complex one.. from my experience,  i think the most complicated one come when we need to deal with the caterer on how much the meal set would be prepared for the guest as this is the first marriage in my family, so it is quite complicated to budget how many people will come and we start with making a list of people to be invited and so on..

i am lucky because the wedding was held during my midterm i had much time to help them.. i was in-charged for my sis 'hantaran' or sis and i agreed to choose rainbow theme as her dowry decoration...i got an interested job too..ohhh, yeahhhh, i am officially her bridesmaid for her 'akad nikah' and 'sanding' too...when this is officially announced, so many people start to said that "hbisla ko nnt kahwin lambat"..hahaha..the interesting part is, can u imagine within a 3 days i need to complete the job to do the decoration on my dress and lil sister too? 

actually, i'm decided to bought a plain dress without any embroidery, sequin or anything related with it..i'm not so much like with the ready made dress coz it has heavy emblishment.. this is my 1st experience and i love it so much! i'm free to put anything on my dress..tadaaaaa, take yr time to view the photos..thanks to all unofficial and official photographer..

the bride & bridegroom

the akad nikah


during akad nikah

the thing is bdak silat buat lawak, aku pn nk gelak actually



dress for me! my masterpiece

with beloved cousin, ayep!

the 'hantaran' for both side bride & bridegroom

dais from BAPR
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