Sunday, December 1, 2013

RISE UP!!!..................~life hold more than what u see~

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seriously, from bottom of my heart i'm deeply in love with this epic's OST..this song really inspired me to be more strong..what i'm doing now is updating this blog's entry with singing along this OST..come on najwa, there is always a rainbow after rain.. keep faith & keep smiling!

I'm the matriarch of your land
When you need to take my hand
Come into my arms, I'll keep you safe from harm
I'll keep your precious heart

Some people try to drag you down
Take it from me, stand and be proud
You're a warrior
You're my warrior

Be who you are
Be who you are
Know that life holds more than what you see
Rise up little man, rise up little man

Fight for you and me
Look into my eyes and believe
Little woman we will fight, we will fight
Little woman we will fight, we will rise
I see you and me
Take my hand and we
We will stand, we will fight, we will fight
We will stand and together we will rise

They'll burn you at the stake if you
Don't act like they want you to
But baby be yourself

Do good and help the world

#i'm not sure whether the lyric written by me is 100% perfect, so u may check it on the web#

seteguh karang..

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"aku ini wanita biasa..
      bisa sakit luka karena..............
dingin sepi kerap menyapa, 
air mata jatuh lukisan raga. 
kadangku ku kuat setegar karang, 
kadang rapuh lemah liar merana "

hm, a meaningful lyric that describe what my heart feel.. i love this song, originally sang by kris dayanti. eventhough she is indonesian and of course some term used in this song are in indonesian words but it still can be understand as the term used have same meaning with our mother-tongue language..thanks to aida(one of my ex-kmns friend) for this..u make my heart feel really touched..have faith, be strong & keep on smiling!

" Kau tahu orang yang kuat tu macam mana?

Bila ada orang menyayangi kau, kau mendoakan yang baik-baik untuk mereka,

Bila ada orang yang menyakiti kau, kau mendoakan yang baik-baik untuk mereka,

Bila ada orang yang berkata buruk tentang kau, aniaya kau, menfitnah kau dan kau tahu kau boleh benci dia, TAPI kau mendoakan yang baik-baik untuk mereka.

Pujuk hati, 

Allah ada
Allah tahu
Allah lihat
Allah mendengar rintihan hambaNya
Allah sayang
Allah hanya uji, sikit, sekejap saja
Allah rindu hambaNya

Jangan nangis, kesat airmata.
Jaga hati.
Teruskan jadi baik.

Takpe, biarkan mereka, janji Allah tahu.
Ingat, mereka juga manusia, kerdil sama seperti kau.
Ada silap, ada kekurangan, ada keburukan.

Tapi tetap ada kebaikan, tetap ada kelebihan.
Tabahlah, yang hanya layak untuk menghakimi adalah Allah.
Maafkan, maafkan, maafkan.

Allah ada, Allah ada. "

#dear awk,
every single things that i said to u, i really meant it..if u honestly proposing me to be your "makmum" u'll definitely see my parents & ask for the permission from them..if u just keep on asking me whether i'll marry u or not, in turn my answer  definitely will be 'NO'..i can't put aside my family..they are everything to my life and my soul happiness..sorry! & i choose to be far away from u..may u found yr real happiness..even its hard for me.."ALLAH  never leave me"

Sunday, November 24, 2013

selamat menempuh alam rumah tangga sis!

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hai all! is everything went well?? i hope, today my entry will be about my sister big day as in the previous entry i had already post about her e-day.. hmmm, i think it has been a long time i didn't post any entry on my blog since my last entry a few months ago.. so, i would like to 'steal' a lil bit my time to post this entry..uhukkkk3(see, smpai terbatuk2 sbb bnyak sngat habuk dh kt blog ni) ..firstly i would like to say a million thanks to those who are coming and for those who are not be able to come, it's ok and maybe u may come during my big-day turn...lalalalalalala...grrrrr, najwa! please behave! calon pn takdakkk! 

ok,i think most of u already have experience on helping someone preparing for their wedding right? it was a tiring moment but at the same time u can gained some knowledge on how hard or easy is it to be..u need to deal with sort of things from the simplest one until the complex one.. from my experience,  i think the most complicated one come when we need to deal with the caterer on how much the meal set would be prepared for the guest as this is the first marriage in my family, so it is quite complicated to budget how many people will come and we start with making a list of people to be invited and so on..

i am lucky because the wedding was held during my midterm i had much time to help them.. i was in-charged for my sis 'hantaran' or sis and i agreed to choose rainbow theme as her dowry decoration...i got an interested job too..ohhh, yeahhhh, i am officially her bridesmaid for her 'akad nikah' and 'sanding' too...when this is officially announced, so many people start to said that "hbisla ko nnt kahwin lambat"..hahaha..the interesting part is, can u imagine within a 3 days i need to complete the job to do the decoration on my dress and lil sister too? 

actually, i'm decided to bought a plain dress without any embroidery, sequin or anything related with it..i'm not so much like with the ready made dress coz it has heavy emblishment.. this is my 1st experience and i love it so much! i'm free to put anything on my dress..tadaaaaa, take yr time to view the photos..thanks to all unofficial and official photographer..

the bride & bridegroom

the akad nikah


during akad nikah

the thing is bdak silat buat lawak, aku pn nk gelak actually



dress for me! my masterpiece

with beloved cousin, ayep!

the 'hantaran' for both side bride & bridegroom

dais from BAPR

Saturday, September 14, 2013

move on!

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pejam celik & pumpang-pumpang dh msuk pn mggu perama bulan 9.. pantas sungguh masa berlalu (well, najwa ko sendiri tu ha yg jalan terkedek2 kn??).. aku pn dh selamat menyempurnakan minggu pertama sebagai mahasiswi semula.. 

alhamdulillah.. ini bermakna driving class aku pun bermula semula.. rasa nak ketawa je bila teringat reaksi abg runner dgn en.zaki instructor aku tu.. sampaikan jari aku yg berinai satu je pun dia boleh perasan..pengamatan yang mendalam ni diorg perhatikan aku.. masing-masing sibuk tanya ke mana aku menghilang 2bulan lebih tu.. sampai ada yang ingt aku ni dah selamat kahwin agaknya..nasib baik la tak pakai cincin 'tunang' konon2 tu ha..hahahah..hopefully that everything will went smoothly..ameen..

well, nk dimulakan cerita dengan semester ni semestinya aku dh pn selamat bergelar mahasiswi tahun 3..haaa, korang ingt aku dh selamat bergelar ap?? isteri?? muahahahaha...semester ni agakla complex dengan projek yg dah berjoget2 tu ha..wallahi, rasa cuak yg teramat sangat.. yela, boleh ke performed well this semester.. sampai kn terbawa-bawa rasa risau dalam tidur.. selagi semester ni tak berakhir selagi tu la hati ni dup dap je setiap masa.. semoga dipermudahkan segalanya oleh ALLAH hendaknya..not forgotten to my 'soulmate' yg sedang LI tu ok.. don't forget my koala bear ok darl! miss u so much.. may u have a save journey a head

officially third year student!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

don't let me down

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hai all! how's your day?? feel great?? i'm glad and i feel happy for u too if it so..just wanna share this with u..i feel that this is so meaningful for us..and 'selamat menyambut ramadhan' too for those who are muslim..

Fork in the road,
Looking both ways, I,
Don't know which way to go.
What do I count on?
Is it the road less traveled?
Or the one I already know?
And no I'm not traveling alone.
I got my heart in my hand, And,
You can bet I'm holding it close.
Don't wanna climb,
Don't wanna fall,
Don't know where to start it all.
I can start by taking it slow.
First I need a, hero,
I got a, mirror,
Looking inside of my soul.
If I need a, hero,
I got my, mirror,
Gotta go on with the show.
I got my ear to the ground;
That's the sound of my train coming around.
This is a chance for us to be heard loud.
It's you and me,
And it's our time now.
Don't let me down.
Don't let me down,
Don't let me down now,
Don't let me down,
Don't let me down now.
This is what you're living your life for.
That's your name 
Trying to hide but it's obvious you're a survivor.
Don't let the travel in the road -
That look in your eyes,
Puts fire in the heart of the cold (world).
Got a marathon to try again,
I'm not even trying to win.
I'm just glad I'm not alone.
Promise you won't let me down.
Don't you let me down,
Promise you won't let me down.
You've been running so alone.
I see you.
You told me we could change the world.
And I believe it's true.
There's nothing now to hold us down.
I found,
My pains,
And the sound of your heart led the way.
Don't let me down,
Don't let me down now,
Don't let me down,
Don't let me down now.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

KECEWA itu separuh daripada hidup

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hm, rseny dh lme x update pape kt blog ni kn?? haii laaa, dh bersawang pn nampaknya (ambil penyapu + mop)..btw bukan sje nak meninggalkn dunia blog terchenta ni tapi tu la, masalah kekangan masa yg x berapa nak mengizinkan... nak buat mcm mana lagi kn? terpaksalah turutkan je.. kadang2 tu idea nak update blog ni memangla mencurah2 ke dalam ladang gandum..iskkk, macam iklan koko crunch la plak..haha.. plus keadaan   aku yg xbrape nak stabil utk kebelakangan ni.. i mean emosi..normal la bagi seorang perempuan kalau dia ni mood swing or hyper happy semacam je.. lumrah hidup.. frankly speaking, it is hard for me to keep all this alone.. i don't know why but i'd make a decision whereby i think it is better for me to not share this is not the matter of  i'm not trusting anyone but i prefer to to not sharing with anyone..lagipun pemilik hati aku masih ada..why must i'm stay away from HIM?? in fact that HE never leave me alone even a second. seriously, i'm a bit disappointed when i got to know that my "double I" gonna married soon. This is quite make me loss my focus & even make me can't sleep well too.. i don't know why & i even don't have any answer for my question.. i'm keep on asking myself why should i feel this way??  why?? why?? why?? maybe this is a test for me to showed that HE loves HIS servant very much & never being far from me.. the distance that separate us just between a prayer time & we meet 5 times a day. but why must i feel lonely sometime?? is this a punishment for me for all the things that i'd done before?  uhhhh, lets forget about this, SMILE!  APAPUN YG TERJADI, BERJALANLAH TANPA HENTI..


Saturday, February 23, 2013

hopefully... this is not too late..

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well.. semester break just come to an end, no more holiday, no more "hunny bunny" no more mum's hand more "segala2nya" for short..selamat kembali menghadiri kuliah seperti bisa la kpd aku kn?? hahaha..well, my fav words "mahasiswa kn??" so just let it be in a short word to describe it lah.., okay! moving back to the entry for the post for tonight...breathe in..breathe out.. in my last entry, i've mentioned about what i'm supposed/going to do isn't it?? yeahhh! absolutely u're right! i'm the one whom doing the hantaran's decoration for my sister's engagement day.. actually, to be honest lah, we get the idea on the decoration last minute after an hour surfing the web..uhhhh...we have decide to decorate the "hantaran" as simple as we can and  minimized the budget too..

for the artificial flower & butterfly itself, my sister spend about rm200.. for the kickshaw, my mum just order it from my aunt..1 week before the ceremony, we are busy going out for finding the important stuff for the ceremony.. of course lah, choosing & bought the headscarf for my sister to be match with the engagement dress.. talking about the dress itself, it is combination of abaya & gown.. simple but nice & suit with my sister that has the slim shape (sng kte mcm lidi) n mum busy with the list of the stuff that need to be bought as the souvenir for the coming guests but at the end as we're lack and do not have much time, we just bought it..hehehehe...

oppps, before i'm forget, this ceremony were held in my beloved village..sbnarny, mjlis ni buat kt kmpg pn sbb hajat akak aku, yela..sblm ni kn arwah nenda ada lagi, tpi umur tak panjang kn, allah dh jemput dia pulang sblum, truskan jela buat kt rmh atuk ni wlpn nenda dh xde tapi yg pnting atuk llaki still kte mjlis kt kmpung ni biaseny simple2 je kn?? but alhamdulillah boleh dktekan mjlis akak aku ni grand jgak la..mklmle ank sulung kn dlm family aku ni..(hmmmm, keep on thinking about my engagement's day,how it would be soon? *daydreaming*)  pling best siap ad pelamin..and not forgotten, credit to nurizzah creation for the simple but superb awesome dais... 

i'm the one whom being charge for the sireh junjung too..hehe, alhamdulillah, wlpn mse prktis buat tu dpt design lain but ble pgi sblum mjlis tu dpt design lain tpi  my mum kte ok lah hasil tangan aku main cucuk2 tu..hehehehe..bidan terjun la kte kan..ok, tak mau story panjang, lets check it out..FIY, i'm just sharing the engagement's picture in my FB account only..i would like to take this opportunity to wish happpy engagement day to my sister (hehe, dah basi ske hati aku la kn)
1,2,3....tadddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(randomly uploading the picture)

the dais from nurizzah creation (mum's old school friend)

solek- menyolek kot

with the "hantaran" for the male retinue

upacara menyarung cincin (abaikan girl bju biru tu)

with my sis

guests from the male retinue
beloved atuk (pakai jubah putih, his fav attire)

mum n mother in law to be

husband + brother in law to be soon

canopy with the purple-pink theme scallop

with the "hantaran" from the male retinue for my sister

Saturday, January 19, 2013

bicara tentang hati

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well, setelah hmpir 3hri mghbiskn masa dirumah baru hri ni aku merajinkan diri mengupdate blog yg dh hmpir berhabuk ni...fuhhhh, fuhhhh *tiup habuk kt sana sini* well, bukan malas cuma kekangan waktu membataskan aku utk update blog serba pink ni.. FYI, i'm just 'finished' with my final examination...klau korg yg study degree programme, msti skrg ni still pumpang-pumpang dgn final exam kn?? maybe dah last paper ke kn?? well, aku bru je start "honeymoon" selasa lepas..

alhamdulillah la sbb berkesempatan celebrate "umur" bru kt rmh dgn family tercinta..syukur sangat2..ok, back to the main point pasal tajuk entry blog mlm ni, smstinya aku nk berbicara serba sedikit tentang hati..opppss, bukan sbb aku dh dilamun cinta or pape yg seangkatan dgnnya cma sje2 je trbka hati nk update blog psl tu..korg semua msti ada hati kn?? nmpak sngt kelentong la kalau korg kte korg xde hati langsung..hahah..allah tu menciptakan setiap makhluknya dgn cantik sekali..lengkap dengan segalanya..indah bukan?? Istilah perubatan yang berkaitan dengan hati sering kali bermula dari perkataan Greek bagi hati iaitu hepar, menjadi hepato- atau hepatic. Hati ni berwarna perang kemerahan dan terletak di bawah diafragma iaitu di dalam rongga abdomen...

wlpn hati ni disimbolikkan sbgai perasaan tetapi klau ikut istilah sains Hati adalah organ homeostasis yang memainkan peranan penting dalam proses metabolisma dalam manusia dan haiwan. Hati mempunyai pelbagai fungsi termasuk menyimpan glikogen, mensintesis protein plasma, dan menyahtoksik dadah. Ia menghasilkan hempedu yang penting bagi penghadaman. Ia melaksana dan mengawal pelbagai fungsi biokimia jumlah besar yang memerlukan tisu khas... senang kata cm ni la,kan korg selalu lukis hati bentuk love kn?? ye idokk?? *aku pn buat bnde yg sme kdg2* hehe..

well, hidup ni kn xselalunya indah kn?? penuh dgn suram dan ceria kn?? senang kata mesti korg pernah rasa sakit hati, sedih & kecewa..semua ni biasanya di "link" kn mnjdi 1 rasa dlm hati korg kn?? ye idok?? senang kata, kita amk contoh paling dekat dgn kita.. contohnya, dalam hidup kita ni mesti dikelilingi dengan sahabat kn?? dalam persahabatan ni la kita akan jumpa, rasa & alami macam2 kn?? kalau x masakan wujudnya quote ni " experience is the best teacher" kn? nilai persahabatan ni amatla besar..

yela, kawan ni kn  umpama family kedua kita yg mungkin juga jadi madu mahupun racun utk kita kn? dalam persahabatan ni juga knela ad nilai give & take..kena bersikap adil terhadap antara satu sama lain kn?? jaga hati & perasaan antara satu sama lain tu amat la penting..barulah hubungan antara satu2 persahabatan tu dapat terjalin harmoni kn?? mengalah tu kadang2 tak salah tapi kalau asyik 1 pihak je yg mengalah mahunya dia tu kena sakit jantung..haha..makan hati berulamkan jantung je idok????? sebab tu la hati ni amat penting, sbb persahabatan yang terjalin melalui hati naluri yang ikhlas barulah kita akan dpt rasa kemanisannya kan?? till there..see u later..


sahabat *credit to google

Monday, January 14, 2013

lega tak terkata.....

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puhhh kiri puhhhh kanan..muehehe..alhamdulillah, saat ni aku bru je lepas dari "cengkaman" final exam..well, hati mne yg tak melonjak happy kn ble dh lpas dri final exam ni kn?? ye idokk?? haha.. stlah hmpir 2mggu lbih "terpenjara" dgn final exam ni, akhirny mampu la aku tarik nafas lega sikit..breath in...breath out..mlm ni semestinya aku akn tgglkn bumi batu pahat untuk seketika selama sbulan lbih..well, hati mne yg tak elonjak girang nak balik rumah n holiday sakan kn?? errrr! xpayah nk holiday sakan la sngt kn?? result exam pn xtau lg ok ke x?? ye idok..hopefully okla kan?? at least penat lelah bersengkang mata tu terbalas la cikit kn? lets move on to the holiday planning..well, FIY for this holiday break i'll be quite busy as my sister has arranged 'something' not so interested i guess for me already... i need to do as well as managed her semi-big day..of course her engagement she is the elder sister in my family n this too was our 1st big day event that we are going to do, for sure much more preparation that need to do,,i have been assigned to managed her 'hantaran' decoration for the male retinue.. uhhh.. i keep on thinking what supposed to be the theme for the male uhhhh...i don't think so..i have choose the colour combination between the black and silver colour for their theme but he has rejected it..he insisted with the combination of blue and gold colour theme for the 'hantaran'..if the colour was light blue, i'll take it into consideration but when i heard that want the aqua dark blue with the combination of gold colour, i screamed in my heart...heheh..i can't imagine how it gonna be..but well, i don't think that i'm going to "follow" his instruction n i'm going to follow my own heart...hehehe...till there, i'll update about my sis e-day after the event be held..muchh love!!
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