Saturday, February 23, 2013

hopefully... this is not too late..

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well.. semester break just come to an end, no more holiday, no more "hunny bunny" no more mum's hand more "segala2nya" for short..selamat kembali menghadiri kuliah seperti bisa la kpd aku kn?? hahaha..well, my fav words "mahasiswa kn??" so just let it be in a short word to describe it lah.., okay! moving back to the entry for the post for tonight...breathe in..breathe out.. in my last entry, i've mentioned about what i'm supposed/going to do isn't it?? yeahhh! absolutely u're right! i'm the one whom doing the hantaran's decoration for my sister's engagement day.. actually, to be honest lah, we get the idea on the decoration last minute after an hour surfing the web..uhhhh...we have decide to decorate the "hantaran" as simple as we can and  minimized the budget too..

for the artificial flower & butterfly itself, my sister spend about rm200.. for the kickshaw, my mum just order it from my aunt..1 week before the ceremony, we are busy going out for finding the important stuff for the ceremony.. of course lah, choosing & bought the headscarf for my sister to be match with the engagement dress.. talking about the dress itself, it is combination of abaya & gown.. simple but nice & suit with my sister that has the slim shape (sng kte mcm lidi) n mum busy with the list of the stuff that need to be bought as the souvenir for the coming guests but at the end as we're lack and do not have much time, we just bought it..hehehehe...

oppps, before i'm forget, this ceremony were held in my beloved village..sbnarny, mjlis ni buat kt kmpg pn sbb hajat akak aku, yela..sblm ni kn arwah nenda ada lagi, tpi umur tak panjang kn, allah dh jemput dia pulang sblum, truskan jela buat kt rmh atuk ni wlpn nenda dh xde tapi yg pnting atuk llaki still kte mjlis kt kmpung ni biaseny simple2 je kn?? but alhamdulillah boleh dktekan mjlis akak aku ni grand jgak la..mklmle ank sulung kn dlm family aku ni..(hmmmm, keep on thinking about my engagement's day,how it would be soon? *daydreaming*)  pling best siap ad pelamin..and not forgotten, credit to nurizzah creation for the simple but superb awesome dais... 

i'm the one whom being charge for the sireh junjung too..hehe, alhamdulillah, wlpn mse prktis buat tu dpt design lain but ble pgi sblum mjlis tu dpt design lain tpi  my mum kte ok lah hasil tangan aku main cucuk2 tu..hehehehe..bidan terjun la kte kan..ok, tak mau story panjang, lets check it out..FIY, i'm just sharing the engagement's picture in my FB account only..i would like to take this opportunity to wish happpy engagement day to my sister (hehe, dah basi ske hati aku la kn)
1,2,3....tadddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(randomly uploading the picture)

the dais from nurizzah creation (mum's old school friend)

solek- menyolek kot

with the "hantaran" for the male retinue

upacara menyarung cincin (abaikan girl bju biru tu)

with my sis

guests from the male retinue
beloved atuk (pakai jubah putih, his fav attire)

mum n mother in law to be

husband + brother in law to be soon

canopy with the purple-pink theme scallop

with the "hantaran" from the male retinue for my sister

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