Sunday, May 5, 2013

KECEWA itu separuh daripada hidup

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hm, rseny dh lme x update pape kt blog ni kn?? haii laaa, dh bersawang pn nampaknya (ambil penyapu + mop)..btw bukan sje nak meninggalkn dunia blog terchenta ni tapi tu la, masalah kekangan masa yg x berapa nak mengizinkan... nak buat mcm mana lagi kn? terpaksalah turutkan je.. kadang2 tu idea nak update blog ni memangla mencurah2 ke dalam ladang gandum..iskkk, macam iklan koko crunch la plak..haha.. plus keadaan   aku yg xbrape nak stabil utk kebelakangan ni.. i mean emosi..normal la bagi seorang perempuan kalau dia ni mood swing or hyper happy semacam je.. lumrah hidup.. frankly speaking, it is hard for me to keep all this alone.. i don't know why but i'd make a decision whereby i think it is better for me to not share this is not the matter of  i'm not trusting anyone but i prefer to to not sharing with anyone..lagipun pemilik hati aku masih ada..why must i'm stay away from HIM?? in fact that HE never leave me alone even a second. seriously, i'm a bit disappointed when i got to know that my "double I" gonna married soon. This is quite make me loss my focus & even make me can't sleep well too.. i don't know why & i even don't have any answer for my question.. i'm keep on asking myself why should i feel this way??  why?? why?? why?? maybe this is a test for me to showed that HE loves HIS servant very much & never being far from me.. the distance that separate us just between a prayer time & we meet 5 times a day. but why must i feel lonely sometime?? is this a punishment for me for all the things that i'd done before?  uhhhh, lets forget about this, SMILE!  APAPUN YG TERJADI, BERJALANLAH TANPA HENTI..

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