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RISE UP!!!..................~life hold more than what u see~

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seriously, from bottom of my heart i'm deeply in love with this epic's OST..this song really inspired me to be more strong..what i'm doing now is updating this blog's entry with singing along this OST..come on najwa, there is always a rainbow after rain.. keep faith & keep smiling!

I'm the matriarch of your land
When you need to take my hand
Come into my arms, I'll keep you safe from harm
I'll keep your precious heart

Some people try to drag you down
Take it from me, stand and be proud
You're a warrior
You're my warrior

Be who you are
Be who you are
Know that life holds more than what you see
Rise up little man, rise up little man

Fight for you and me
Look into my eyes and believe
Little woman we will fight, we will fight
Little woman we will fight, we will rise
I see you and me
Take my hand and we
We will stand, we will fight, we will fight
We will stand and together we will rise

They'll burn you at the stake if you
Don't act like they want you to
But baby be yourself

Do good and help the world

#i'm not sure whether the lyric written by me is 100% perfect, so u may check it on the web#

seteguh karang..

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"aku ini wanita biasa..
      bisa sakit luka karena..............
dingin sepi kerap menyapa, 
air mata jatuh lukisan raga. 
kadangku ku kuat setegar karang, 
kadang rapuh lemah liar merana "

hm, a meaningful lyric that describe what my heart feel.. i love this song, originally sang by kris dayanti. eventhough she is indonesian and of course some term used in this song are in indonesian words but it still can be understand as the term used have same meaning with our mother-tongue language..thanks to aida(one of my ex-kmns friend) for this..u make my heart feel really touched..have faith, be strong & keep on smiling!

" Kau tahu orang yang kuat tu macam mana?

Bila ada orang menyayangi kau, kau mendoakan yang baik-baik untuk mereka,

Bila ada orang yang menyakiti kau, kau mendoakan yang baik-baik untuk mereka,

Bila ada orang yang berkata buruk tentang kau, aniaya kau, menfitnah kau dan kau tahu kau boleh benci dia, TAPI kau mendoakan yang baik-baik untuk mereka.

Pujuk hati, 

Allah ada
Allah tahu
Allah lihat
Allah mendengar rintihan hambaNya
Allah sayang
Allah hanya uji, sikit, sekejap saja
Allah rindu hambaNya

Jangan nangis, kesat airmata.
Jaga hati.
Teruskan jadi baik.

Takpe, biarkan mereka, janji Allah tahu.
Ingat, mereka juga manusia, kerdil sama seperti kau.
Ada silap, ada kekurangan, ada keburukan.

Tapi tetap ada kebaikan, tetap ada kelebihan.
Tabahlah, yang hanya layak untuk menghakimi adalah Allah.
Maafkan, maafkan, maafkan.

Allah ada, Allah ada. "

#dear awk,
every single things that i said to u, i really meant it..if u honestly proposing me to be your "makmum" u'll definitely see my parents & ask for the permission from them..if u just keep on asking me whether i'll marry u or not, in turn my answer  definitely will be 'NO'..i can't put aside my family..they are everything to my life and my soul happiness..sorry! & i choose to be far away from u..may u found yr real happiness..even its hard for me.."ALLAH  never leave me"
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