Thursday, June 28, 2012

aku jatuh cinta ♥

Posted by cahayaberbisikan at 10:10 AM
hari ni confirm satu hari aku snyum je smpai telinga~ terima kasih ya ALLAH kerana menggerakkan hati aku untuk jatuh cinta..ehhhh?? korg jgn slah faham plak...yg aku mksdkn jatuh cinta bukan bmkne aku jatuh kt seseorang BUT  I'M FALLING IN LOVE WITH THIS RAINBOW AL-QURAN...

pink rainbow al-quran

actually. i've been dreaming on this alquran for a long time..i have asking my dad for this but he asking me back where should he find this al-quran?? seriously, my heart deeply in love with this rainbow al-quran...n i wish i could get this al-quran for my birthday present..even if i can have a copy of it, it's alhamdulillah  ☺☻ 
FIY too, this rainbow al-quran have it own speciality in which different colour for different juzu'...u may take a look at the picture...

colourful pages..different colour  for different juzu'
niat yang baik insyaallah allah akan makbulkn kn? hopefully i can get this soon..ameen~

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