Monday, July 2, 2012

genit itu menarik ♥ ♥

Posted by cahayaberbisikan at 10:24 PM
hello blogger~ how's your day? is everything went well? hm, hopefully your day will be more momentful n bless by HIM..ameen~ praise be to him for the chances to live n breath for the air in his earth..the beautiful creation ever..thanks for his guidance that lead me to post an entry about petite size..sought to be made a story, yesterday I watched a show on TV9, which highlighted the petite bodied girl (what was the segment i can't remember) according to a research that i make for myself, petite size can be classified as having a small and thin body — usually used to describe a woman or girl typically 160 cm (5 ft 3 in) or less. so i am the one whom can be classified to be in the same group type.. for sure because my height just only around 149cm..but i'm so thankful because not all people have the chances to be in a petite size..maybe to be in this such type of person may make u lack of confident n always be a 'fun' to others but all u need to do is just make your ear 'deaf' to hear all what they said n enjoys with what god have given to u.. i am saying from my experience too..may be in choosing dress or apparel makes us feel somewhat lacking..because why, no size of the cloth might fit with our body..for sure i had the same things too but there is another option for us..ohh yeaaahh, talking sincerely to all of u that some of my t-shirt collection were in children's size but i'll take the most larger size for a child..n the most important things is just accept with all open heart n enjoy with your body need to be shy with your own figure ok! till there.. enjoy your day! muchhhh  ♥ ♥   wassalam~

she inspired me!

   "we are the chosen diamond" 

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