Monday, January 14, 2013

lega tak terkata.....

Posted by cahayaberbisikan at 11:32 AM
puhhh kiri puhhhh kanan..muehehe..alhamdulillah, saat ni aku bru je lepas dari "cengkaman" final exam..well, hati mne yg tak melonjak happy kn ble dh lpas dri final exam ni kn?? ye idokk?? haha.. stlah hmpir 2mggu lbih "terpenjara" dgn final exam ni, akhirny mampu la aku tarik nafas lega sikit..breath in...breath out..mlm ni semestinya aku akn tgglkn bumi batu pahat untuk seketika selama sbulan lbih..well, hati mne yg tak elonjak girang nak balik rumah n holiday sakan kn?? errrr! xpayah nk holiday sakan la sngt kn?? result exam pn xtau lg ok ke x?? ye idok..hopefully okla kan?? at least penat lelah bersengkang mata tu terbalas la cikit kn? lets move on to the holiday planning..well, FIY for this holiday break i'll be quite busy as my sister has arranged 'something' not so interested i guess for me already... i need to do as well as managed her semi-big day..of course her engagement she is the elder sister in my family n this too was our 1st big day event that we are going to do, for sure much more preparation that need to do,,i have been assigned to managed her 'hantaran' decoration for the male retinue.. uhhh.. i keep on thinking what supposed to be the theme for the male uhhhh...i don't think so..i have choose the colour combination between the black and silver colour for their theme but he has rejected it..he insisted with the combination of blue and gold colour theme for the 'hantaran'..if the colour was light blue, i'll take it into consideration but when i heard that want the aqua dark blue with the combination of gold colour, i screamed in my heart...heheh..i can't imagine how it gonna be..but well, i don't think that i'm going to "follow" his instruction n i'm going to follow my own heart...hehehe...till there, i'll update about my sis e-day after the event be held..muchh love!!

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