Thursday, December 25, 2014

dear YOU

Posted by cahayaberbisikan at 10:46 PM
tik tok, tik tok, tik tok 
the clock ticking unstoppable.. yes, in reality u may stop the clock from ticking by removing the battery but did u realize that for the REAL one, it is unstoppable..
u gonna have pass through what had chosen for u,
ALLAH,the almighty who keep monitoring all over the world,
HE never left us aside,
in the sorrow, sadness, happiness,
HE never hurt u..

previously, i never thought that i could reach this level. never thought that i'll be one of them further the study at the university, living in the "all in one" environment.. full of joyous, sadness sometime. NO! i never thought i could reach it.. how time flies so fast, soon i'm gonna be 23 and for the next 3 years maybe i will be someone's wife and a mother to my cute junior of me and husband..

i never know who is my right man?? honestly saying that first love is hard to forget and hard to be accepted that we are not meant to be together.. 6 years relationship ended with nothing. but as the time passed by, i had learned something that " whatever u thought u had planned the best, HE had planned the better for u afterward" i keep on saying this repeatedly to myself every time and everyday whenever i feel hurt deep inside my heart. soon, i "recover" from those kind of feeling and could accepted it. 

with YOU, 
i hope that the "relationship" will end with something sweet in my life. people may keep saying that u're "nothing" but i can see "something" hidden in yourself. something that can't be described by word and the one whom feel it. 

Dear YOU,
i hope that u'll always take a good care of yourself,
i hope that u'll be the one which will be my imam,
i hope that u'll be the one which will guide my through the life to be a better person as well as a good wife in  the future.

i may not know what the future will be,
but i hope that u'll the one in my future,
distance separates us but the distance too tighten us in dhu'a,
"please take care of your heart"

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