Thursday, January 15, 2015

tiada tajuk

Posted by cahayaberbisikan at 5:08 PM
hi all... how's your day?? is it went well? i'm just officially finished my semester 7... and wuuuuu this mean that i got another 1 semester to go before completing my degree.. may allah bless and ease my way.. hopefully there will be no "repeat2" paper la..

yesterday was my last paper computer system engineering.. don't know exactly what to say about that paper. easy?? hard?? hurmmmm... feels like i cant performed well for my last paper...until now i still cant move on from my guilty & "uneasy" feeling.. i don't want the last 2semester "memory" happened again for my semester7.. those "kind" of thing really haunted me until now.. 

"berusaha, doa dan tawakkal. the rest let ALLAH take over it" but problem right now is i'm afraid to face the reality if one or two out of my 5 papers got "fail" or "E". for sure it will be my " SCARIEST NIGHTMARE" for this semester. 

some people may said:

              "live is more than just a paper"

yeas, exactly! more than just a paper. but did u realize that, for what u had done today, the impact will come a day afterward? dear, people u must watch out your mouth and mind your words before it might hurt others.

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