Saturday, February 28, 2015

how life be

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alhamdulillah, i'm just done with my 1st week of class for this semester 8. hope that it will went well through this semester.. can't wait to have my "jubah day".. 

do pray for me ya!

life taught us to be prepared with anything that may happen into this life. sorrow, joy, happiness is one of the "ingredients" of life that would make our life merrier.. just like rome empires' itself was not developed in one day and it took a few decades to be built.

same goes to our life. life is like a long vacation. but the term vacation here referred to yourself.

the first one isn't necessary to be the winner.. ahaaaa!

this is true.. 

actually, i just had joined a tag & win contest.. at first me and my housemate just wanna have fun tagging 4 others friend's name. from this contest we can have a chance to win 10 pcs of jubah..ahahaha..

here is the converstion goes between us at first before joining the contest

she: wa, nanti jgn lupa join contest tag n win bellaammara. malam ni last dah.

me: oh, yeke? sat ha..

at the beginning, we just having fun by tagging our friend's name, but it turn into craziness to tag fast.. it is quite a good and a healthy competition. stay up one whole night because we are crazy fighting with other participants to see who is the fast one tagging the friend's names.

around 5am, the bellaammara announce the winner for the tag & win contest. we just knew it around 5minute later due the wifi connection. my housemate informed to me first. i can't stop laughing when see her funny face when she know the news.

she: wa, bellaammara dh screenshot sape menang.

me: oh yeke? sape? (tpi tak scroll insta lg)

she: waaa! nama wa ada sekali tapi yang first sekali! kita tak menang la..

me: ha???!(double triple shocked)

tapi takde rezeki.. yang penting happy joining the contest! peace yo! 

moral: The first one is not necessarily the winner

spotted my name at the 1st one..

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