Thursday, June 4, 2015

combo story maybe

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well, semester 8 will officially ended soon.. not so really ended lah as i got 1 group project to present on this 11th june.


oppps, i'm not done yet with my FYP thesis writing lehhh.. ergghhh! im still planning to do some improvement to my program..

but now, the exam war just begin

study week ??

or study weak??

u've decide it la..


well, thinking deeply through all of this i can't believed that the my "big day" just around the corner, just few steps more!..

can imagine it?? all this while i feel like 4years studies like a 40 years.. what a long duration..

to be honest, my mouth never stop zikr with "bila nak habis study ni?" 

hahahaha.. never matured! yeahhh, that's me!

well..deep inside my heart, i feel sad to leave all my colleague, coursemate, roomate and of course my housemate too.. 

last 2 weeks i'm just done with my FYP2 poster presentation.. well, alhamdulillah, everything went smooth even my software no really work well 100% on that day..

well, it just that the matter of the hall environment on that time is too noisy.. the noise made by the air cooler used in the hall.. 

CAN u all guest what, my system totally use the voice recognition, of course i need a quiet environment in order to make my system function well.. the sad thing is i forget to prepare a short video as the backup for my system functionality.. i'm never expect that the hall used will be so noisy.. OKAYY, my project title was "MOBILE INTERACTIVE AIDS NUMBER LEARNING SYSTEM FOR BLIND KIDS".. for sure this title was give by my SV.. at first when i get this title, my face was like "??????" but i managed to hide my "?????" face and succeed to convinced my SV..

yes, i did some testing for my system few mins before the panel come.. it still work but too slow for the system to response to my command..chett, maybe my system so "pening dengar banyak suara" at that time.. anyway thanks to ALLAH for making everything smooth and my panel too were in good mood.. one word "SYUKUR".. well, sleepless night and day was paid off!

1 week before my fyp2 poster presentation, we had a "konon-konon" convocation.. ahahaha.. preconvocation la! 

but the sad thing is, not all my friend are able to graduate on time..

u never know how strong u're until u see what u had achieved today. to be honest a life as student is not easy as we thought.. u need to sacrifice more! i wont elaborate more on this.. a story that have been told is not same as the one that u had experienced it! trust me..

i still remember the time that me and my friend struggling to find the supervisor for my FYP.. to e honest, we just got our SV on the next semester after the internship program finished..can u imagine it how it would be when ure on your internship but u cant focussed on yr internship just because u cant stop thinking who will be yr SV???

but, ALLAH had planned the best for us.. SYUKUR! thanks too DR.AFANDI for suggesting to us to meet DR.NORFAIZA. at that time, she just come back as staff as she just finished with her phd.

million thanks to DR.NORFAIZA, for the great supervision, leading and guiding us throughout this FYP.. even though she is now on her maternity leave, but she still concerned with us.

but, without her appearance, i feel like my other side was incomplete like a broken wing.. she just like a mother and second family to me here instead of my friend.

"selangkah lagi je! dont give up najwa"

with my humble richard yap malaysian version..hahahaha *my friend la*

partner in crime. the one that lift me up when i'm down! 

cant wait for the official moment of this! *sleepless face*

Throwback during the FYP1

ME during fyp1 presentation.  trying to convinced my panels

me with my colourful sugus design poster for FYP2! my roomate give it name sugus.. hahaha *ignore my sunburn face*

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